CornCloud House

The CornCloud House is a zero-energy-potential two bedroom/two bath 1340SF single-family home, the design of which speaks to the contrast of past, present, (and future) Greensburg.

The appearance of the home’s “front” is a nod to the vernacular forms of Kansas farmhouses, with single gables and deep shed roofed front porches, as well as corn reaching to the sun. Contrastingly, as the form extends away from the street, it twists and expands.

The front is sided traditionally with cement composite clapboard siding, painted Buttercream or Corn yellow while the rear volume is sided in recycled rolled metal siding the color of noon sky.
Sustainable techniques and technologies and utilized in the Home’s construction and operations. Since sustainable education is tantamount to the design program, a special place in the house (the “entertainment center”) provides sustainable information on the home, from construction methods, materials, and operations. At least one window and its adjacent wall will be peeled away to show the use of Amvic Concrete Insulated Forms.

ADA and Fair Housing Standards are also included to ensure that a person with physical disabilities can visit and/or occupy the CornCloud House. It’s planning also allows for more (or fewer) bedrooms and baths to be added, as well as ranch or townhouse configurations.


Status: Competition Entry
Location: Greensburg, KS, US