Two Weeks Away to Sheetfort! by Jim Fish

The inside of my O+ Sheetfort installation is humming along, but the exterior isnt going to be completed until the week before. Here's a concept sketch of where it's going, as the Interior Sheetfort extends to the outside. There will be a stage so viewers can see whats going on inside. More to come!

O+ Festival by Jim Fish

jim fish o+ festival

I'm very excited to be a participating artist in the 2015 O+ Festival. I'm an architect and artist who lives in Uptown Kingston, NY.

Primarily using photography, live installation, and collage, my artwork shows time, whether it be with shadows, layers, or historical indexing.
As a Passive House certified architect, I'm currently planning a Deep Energy Retrofit for my newly-acquired home at 141 Green St, the site of my O+ art installation.

Previously, I've used my skills to create an installation at a slated for demolition home in Cleveland, OH to help neighborhood unity. 

This installation will be the latest marriage between my artwork and my architecture.