Loj Architecture & Building Science

A recurring theme in my work is “being a good neighbor,” and it continues to inspire; bringing people together, consolidating utilities, and shrinking infrastructures.

As a creative, good humored, and hard-working individual, I look forward to the challenges of innovative solutions, collaborating with and leading project teams, and ensuring an inspired, well- supported environment that focuses on providing Clients with unparalleled service and exceptional design. My many years of diverse experience paired with my constant yearning to inspire and contemplate our built environment will make me an excellent leader of your design team.

The past few years have been extraordinary with several opportunities that have contributed to my professional growth. 

• Winning an international residential design competition for a sustainable renovation of an existing house in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York that is currently under construction.

• Connecting with a community in Cleveland for a community art installation, residential deconstruction, and using the deconstructed house to create urban green spaces.
This project has been submitted to two international conferences for consideration in being presented.

The start of construction of The Hudson Passive Project – the first passive house in New York State – for which I was involved in developing the design of a prefabricated Mechanical/Kitchen/Bath Core enveloped in a highly insulated shell. The prefabricated component was developed for use by other residential projects and a range of consumers.

Jim Fish, RA Leed AP, CPHC
216 402 3232